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Medicon Valley - analysis of the life science sector

Medicon Valley is the term to describe the Danish-Swedish life science cluster across the Greater Copenhagen and Malmö regions. The name derives from Silicon Valley but points to strong life science, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology heritage.

The cluster includes a large span of companies from start-ups to major players in the life science industry. Currently, with around 700 companies employing 58 000 people in Easter Denmark, Medicon Valley has become a crucial element in economic development in the greater Copenhagen area.

The continuous growth also means that companies, especially start-ups with limited funding, are in need of new spaces and facilities that will allow them to expand and develop further.

This report by Øresundsinstituttet analyses the Medicon Valley potential and recognizes its future opportunities and challenges.

Go to page 51 to read an interview with our CEO, Gerit Tolborg, talking about challenges and benefits of being a start-up in Medicon Valley.


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