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Instead of extracting colors from high-value raw materials like tomatoes, potatoes, insects, or beetroot, we use precision fermentation as our production method of choice. In our fermentation process we ferment sugar into our fermented colors. A process that is highly efficient and independent of season. Compared to traditional methods for color production, we need less farming space & crop inputs and our sourcing material can be cultivated globally.

Image by James Baltz
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We use submerged precision fermentation for the production of our natural color Natu.Red.
We ferment our fungus together with sugar and other nutrients submerged in water. During the process the fungus produces our red color. Precision fermentation is a very sustainable production method since the raw material inputs are renewable, the production rate is highly efficient, and there are many opportunities for us to tap into circular economies that utilize our own or others waste streams. For example, water can be recycled and green energy can be used for the fermentation runs.


After the fermentation, we gently filter away the fungus and then process the fermentation liquid into a concentrated red powder.

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Our Natu.Red® powder has a standardized color strength. Thanks to its functionality, it can easily be added to  alternative proteins and processed meats, as well as bakery products, yoghurts and ice creams.

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