Chromologics is a Danish biotech spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark. We have developed a fungal biotech platform for the production of novel, natural colorants.

Our proprietary fermentation process allows us to be first movers to introduce lab-grown food colorants to the market.

Our production is sustainable, scalable and cost-competitive. Unlike other existing natural colors, our colorants are not extracted from high value raw materials like fruit and vegetables, but produced by our wild type cell factory.

Our fungal strains are non-GMO and our pigments are compatible with most dietary needs, including kosher, halal, and vegan diets.

Sustainable colors made by nature.




ChromoRed is the first in a new generation of colorants. It is the food colorant of the future. ChromoRed is novel and unique. ChromoRed is natural. It will replace current natural red food colorants like carmine and betanin.

ChromoRed performs excellent over a broad range of pH values and under high temperature treatment. By using ChromoRed, there is no consumer restriction as our colorant is compatible with vegan, kosher and halal diets.

By using ChromoRed, your food product will look appealing every step of the way while helping for a more sustainable future. ChromoRed is produced by biotech. Unlike other natural colorants, the production of ChromoRed is independent of harvest seasons.

Due to its high color intensity, ChromoRed has a lower cost-in-use than carmine and betanin.



The Founding Team


CEO & Co-founder

Graduate from INSEAD program


CSO & Co-Founder

PhD in cell factory design from Novo Nordisk


Co-Inventor & Scientific Advisor

Leader of the research group “Natural product chemistry” at DTU


Serial bio-entrepreneur

Co-founded 5+ biotech companies (e.g. Biosyntia, Bactolife, Antag Therapeutics)


Strategic Advisor

Industrial experience from
Chr. Hansen and Novozymes (20+ years)




Fermentation Scientist



Series Seed

Copenhagen, Denmark, 01 September 2020

  • Funding Enables Accelerated Development of Fermentation-Derived Next Generation Food Colorants

  • Flagship Product Targeting 2$ Billion Market Opportunity for the Food Industry

Chromologics, which is developing innovative natural food colorants, today announces it has raised €1.9 M in seed financing led by Novo Seeds and supported by Nordic FoodTech VC and Vækstfonden. Chromologics just recently won the Bioacceleration Academy Award from the BioInnovation Institute in Denmark.

Chromologics, a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark, is set to change how natural colorants are produced. The company has developed a fermentation-based color platform for production of ChromoColors, its high-performing and sustainable food colorants. The funds will enable Chromologics to accelerate development and regulatory approval of ChromoRed, its flagship food colorant.

ChromoRed has the potential to be the first natural colorant that is exclusively produced by sustainable fermentation processes, instead of being extracted from plants or animals. Consumer awareness over food ingredients, the rise in veganism and the importance of more sustainable eating habits, has led to a re-evaluation of food manufacturing. ChromoRed is targeting a very significant market opportunity in excess of $2 billion, in an area of high consumer and industry demand. ChromoRed’s unique performance has been validated by leading players in the industry, and Chromologics is in ongoing discussions with a number of commercial partners to expand the collaboration.

Gerit Tolborg, Chief Executive Officer of Chromologics, said: “We are very pleased to welcome these strong and experienced investors to Chromologics. Their support provides validation for our strategy to develop better and more sustainable food colorants. They recognize the extraordinary economic opportunity in introducing lab-grown food colorants to the market at a time where alternative meats and food safety is a high consumer demand. This investment will allow us to accelerate the development of our flagship product ChromoRed and maximize the potential of our platform as we develop food colorants that meet the needs of industry and consumers.”

Thomas Grotkjær, Principal at Novo Seeds, added: “Our mission at Novo Seeds is to identify disruptive technologies, enable entrepreneurs to build companies and bring them to real inflection points. Chromologics has an excellent team which has developed a truly innovative platform with the potential to transform how natural colorants are developed. There is enormous demand from industry and consumers for these high quality and sustainable products and we have already had significant commercial interest from partners.”




Are you an enthusiastic scientist with project leader experience, knowing how to lead process development and material production towards regulatory approval of food ingredients?

Do you have an understanding of toxicology data and regulatory submissions?

Do you have the knowledge and the determination to lead the regulatory approval of a novel food colorant by the EFSA?  

If you always wanted to be part of a start-up and actively shape the future of the company you are working in, then this is your chance to play a major role in the approval of our first food ingredient.

Chromologics is looking for a project manager for regulatory affairs to join our team and lead the approval process of our novel food colorant, ChromoRed. ChromoRed needs approval as a food additive by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Chromologics is a start-up company which has developed a fungal fermentation process for the production of novel colorants. We started out as a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). After winning the Bio Acceleration Academy from the Bio Innovation Institute in May 2020, we successfully closed our first financing round and are now moving into the Alfa Laval Innovation House in Søborg. Our pilot production is located at DTU in Lyngby.

Our first product is the red food colorant ChromoRed. Since ChromoRed is a novel molecule it needs approval by the EFSA before it can be sold as food colorant in Europe.

Becoming our project manager for regulatory affairs is the opportunity to be part of a young dynamic and highly motivated team, who wants to revolutionize the way we produce natural colorants.

Being in a start-up offers freedom, agility, influence, and high impact on the development of the company. Your work will directly shape our business case and bring our product closer to market.

Overall, the candidate will be responsible for orchestrating the approval process of our novel food colorant, ChromoRed.

  • Organizing production of sample material for EFSA

  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan for EFSA approval process

  • Identification of sub-contractors for required EFSA tests and activities

  • Stakeholder management (Regulatory agencies, sub-contractors, company management)

  • Assure that everything is in compliance with the given requirements

Key responsibilities:

  • Facilitation and guidance of entire EFSA approval process

  • Monitoring the regulatory environment and helping to ensure that production of sample material, tests for regulatory approval and documentation of results are in compliance with regulations from EFSA.

  • Strategic coordination of all work packages included in the EFSA approval process.

  • Identification of sub-contractors for toxicological tests, and following coordination and communication

  • Prediction of resources needed for EFSA approval process

  • Track project costs in order to meet budget

  • Ensure the coordination with EFSA along the filing process

  • Provide project updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Masters's degree, preferably in Food Science, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy or a related field.

  • Knowledge of EFSA regulations and documentation requirements, particularly food additives.

  • Basic knowledge of toxicology

  • 2-5 years of project management and related experience

  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, and communication (verbal and written) skills

  • Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline

  • Ability to operate in multi-functional teams and fast-paced environment.

  • Ability to manage multiple and changing priorities in a dynamic work environment

  • Take initiative and drive completion of medium complexity projects with minimal supervision.

  • Proficient user of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Further information:

Please contact Gerit Tolborg (email:, phone: +45 61 60 32 09) if you have any questions .

You can also read more about our mission on our webpage.


Application should be submitted in English as pdf file containing all materials to be given consideration. Applications are to be sent to

  • Application (cover letter)

  • CV

  • Diplomas

Deadline 31.08.2020

We encourage anyone interested in the job to apply, irrespective of gender, age, race, religion, or ethnicity.








May 2020

As a part of the BioInnovation Institute’s Business Acceleration Academy, Chromologics participated in a DemoDay alongside five other startups. Our CEO Gerit Tolborg gave a 7-minute pitch live broadcasted from a TV studio. Based on votes from the viewers, Chromologics won the Acceleration Award!


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