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Sallie's intern journey at Chromologics

Have you considered interning in a small start-up? This post will show you why it might be a good idea 🚀 We asked our intern, Sallie Bonfils to share her insights into her daily work at Chromologics, show her achievements, and write about being a part of a small start-up. Read her story below:

Hi! My name is Sallie and I'm an intern at Chromologics.

I am an engineering student at DTU in the field of Chemistry and Biotechnology who is highly interested in color and natural ingredients. As a part of my studyprogramme, I joined Chromologics as an engineer intern in March 2022. After five months of internship, would like to share what I've learned and worked on, as well as my experience as an intern in a small start-up.

At work, I usually start my day at the office checking my e-mails or having updates with my colleagues and planning the day. In the lab, I have my individual tasks related to my project and work on the fermentations we have been running. The main goal of my team is to optimize the fermentation process. During the internship, I worked with all the processes related to color production. Starting with growing fungal colonies, preparing spore suspensions, inoculating shake flasks and running fermentations in 2 L bioreactor systems including the necessary purification steps. I have been running fermentations in a twin 2 L bioreactor system nicknamed Rose & Ruby.

I can highly recommend being an intern in a small start-up. It is a smaller working environment where you are closer to your colleagues and I really appreciate the convenience of being able to ask the fellow employees for help and questions. You also feel that you have an actual spot in the company on equal terms, which also makes it possible to gain knowledge about the different parts, goals and tasks being handled within the whole company.

This internship gave me a great insight to life as an engineer where there is a space for curiosity.

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